Melton Presbyterian Church | The Congregation

The Congregation

Our church congregation is a diverse mix of people who have been worshipping and serving God in Melton for over 25 years. We consist of different people of different ages from different backgrounds who all have one thing in common: we are forgiven sinners who love Jesus.


We know that we are no better than anyone else; our hearts were just as bad as everyone else’s. We know we make mistakes and don’t live up to God’s standards; we had a bad record before God too.


Because of this our relationship with him was also bad. But through trusting in Jesus’ life, death and resurrection for us, we have had our bad hearts made new, our bad record wiped clean and have been reconciled into a good relationship with our loving father God for eternity.


The members of the congregation love Jesus and love to share the ways that he has loved us, changed us and is shaping us every day to be more like Jesus.